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Movement can enhance a brand personality and strengthen concepts, we love movement and creating stories and visuals that exist in the space-time dimension.

From digital animations to hand crafted stop-motion animations, we are not afraid of trying new methods and formulas to create long lasting visuals.

Graphic Design & Branding

Good graphic design is only possible after good branding. Defining the personality for our projects will let us express your voice louder than ever and make your clients fall in love with every detail that make up your projects. Make sure to have a brand manual ready to bring your project to life, if you do not have one we can create it.  


Images that express emotions, from conceptual, portrait, landscape and documentary photography. We will generate images that express the right 1,000 words.

All works directed by
Daniela Pinto

Visual Balance (my personal freelance company) stands for harmony, concept and character. All very important elements in visual communication have dedicated my career to understand how humans and organisms communicate. The same concepts apply in visual communication in any of its fields. I specialize in visual communication and have experience exploring photography, graphic design, animation, digital illustrations, video and cinematography.

I can help you build brand personality and communicate your project and vision through visual media. Visual Balance works as a team with other freelancers specialized in branding, video, social media and other fields.

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